Our Vision

To become a source of blessing for all stakeholders as a world-class family-oriented

business lead by professional.

Our Mission

Achieve great customer satisfaction through providing the best quality home-improvement products that conform to market needs and are supplied on time.

TACO Group is a leading provider of designed surfacing solutions, luxury vinyl flooring, and furniture fitting hardware for commercial and residential customers throughout Indonesia. As one of Indonesia's largest distributors of High-Pressure Laminates (HPL) and its complementary subsidiaries, our continuous investments in infrastructure and sales operations maintain the recognition of TACO as a premium national brand.

It would be impossible to operate such a large-scale company without key subsidiaries, PT. Tangkas Cipta Optimal is one of the engaged development under the umbrella of TACO Group. With a solid reputation and adoption in the market, PT. Tangkas Cipta Optimal has grown to be the most innovative brand on the surface.

We always pride ourselves on our quality, service, and wide selection of product lines, and our sales consultants are trained as experts to provide creative solutions to our clients and ensure that every product meets their needs.

Our strong ties with architects, designers, and building developers have allowed us to be at the forefront of design and fashion trends and this forward-thinking process is shown clearly by our emphasis on research and development.

Beyond the commercial market, we are also building close relationships with the regular homeowner and DIY project weekenders by providing knowledge of our product range capabilities at trade shows and exhibitions and actively engaging interior design students in schools and design clinics.



Our Milestones

  • 1982

    TACON,  a polyester-based laminate. is first introduced to the general public

  • 2001

    TACO Sheet, a PVC-based laminate, is first introduced

  • 2003

    TACO HPL is introduced as a new technology and trend for laminates

  • 2008

    TACO Edge banding is introduced to support the growing HPL business

  • 2011

    TACO opens its first Distribution Center in Pulo Gadung, Jakarta

  • 2014

    TACO opens its second Distributor Center in Surabaya East Java

  • 2015

    TACO Hardware and Flooring are introduced

  • 2016

    TACO (PT Tangkas Cipta Optomal) is certified with ISO9001/2015 by UKAS

    TACO wins "The Best Booth Award" in Megabuild Indonesia and Indobuildtech exhibitions

  • 2017

    TACO is awarded Top Brand 2017 in HPL category

    TACO wins "The Best Booth Award" in Megabuild Indonesia exhibition

    TACO opens its first manufacturing plant in Cikande, West Java


Jakarta Head Office
PT Tangkas Cipta Optimal

PT Tangkas Cipta Optimal
Citra Towers, North Tower, 23rd & 25th Floor,
Jl. Benyamin Sueb Kav. A6,
Kemayoran, Jakarta Pusat, 10630

T. +6221 39718600

F. +6221 2937 8899